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June 2012

Mr. Tony Chopp
Commercial Asphalt Group
1748 N. Aurora Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Dear Mr. Chopp,
The five very special young men you see pictured above have embarked on a very special chapter of their lives. They were granted funding to live in a ranch home in Naperville, something on the order of the American Dream to you and me.

Guardians for these five guys have aligned with a large service provider out of Joliet, Trinity Services, Inc. to purchase the house, staff it 24/7 and provide day program opportunities to get the men out of the house during the day (again like you and me) to work on life skills and possibly develop a means to earn income; all in all, to add meaning to their days. Trinity Services already has two other homes in Naperville. For more information about this not-for-profit (501c3) service provider, please visit their website: www.trinity-services.org The parents/guardians of these five adults proudly spent many hours readying the house for the guys to move in. They have now been in their new home for over a year, and they love being part of a community. However, there is an area of the house that needs attention. The cement stoop outside the patio door is cracked and sagging and poses a danger to the men. There is also a small cement patio area that they would love to enlarge to give them more space to sit, eat, and cook out in order to enjoy their back yard.

This is a project where outside assistance is desperately needed. Thank you for your willingness to be part of the guys’ team by replacing this stoop and possibly enlarging the patio area as a donation and as a service to these five very special young men. Without the compassionate support and generosity of a team of people, these five adults with disabilities would not have the opportunity to live meaningful lives as independently as possible in the community.

Your help in upgrading the new home of these men to make it an attractive, safe and comfortable place for them to live is very much appreciated. The Trinity staff or I would be happy to take you on a tour of the house to see the stoop and the patio that need attention.

Jane Stewart, Parent/Guardian

December 10, 2012


"Their Stepping Up helps the guys Step Out safely"

For five guys with disabilities receiving residential services through Trinity Services, Inc., living in their new ranch house in Naperville is like a dream come true. However, some repairs were needed to make it a safe home for them. The step leading out of the patio door was crumbling making it dangerous for them to use. When we guardians contacted Commercial Asphalt Group to ask if they could assist in repairing the step, we talked to Mary who was immediately given the “go ahead” by Mr. Chopp to do whatever was needed to make the repair.

We were impressed with Mary’s concern for the guys, when after visiting their house to assess the situation, she not only suggested making the one high step into two lower ones, but also suggested enlarging the patio area in the back yard to give the guys more space for their patio set and grill. Throughout the process, Mary was always available to answer our questions and take care of the details. She was instrumental in contacting Naperville Ready Mix to supply the concrete for the project. The workers from both Commercial Asphalt and Naperville Ready Mix did an excellent job, and the staff at the house said they were very nice and accommodating to work with.

We guardians have seen the patio extension and the new steps, and they both look fantastic! The patio extension blends in with the original patio and will give the guys quite a bit more space. Replacing the one high step with two steps will be safer and looks a lot better.

The guys at the house were blessed to be the recipients of the services of Commercial Asphalt Group and Naperville Ready Mix; two companies that graciously stepped up to assist the guys in improving their back yard and making it safer for them. The new steps and patio extension will be a constant reminder of these companies’ dedication to giving back to the community.

The guys at the house and we guardians are extremely grateful,
Ralph and Jane Stewart
Woodridge, IL

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