Pavement Excavation, Naperville, IL When asphalt pavement has reached a severe state of deterioration, the pavement must be excavated and replaced to provide a suitable driving surface. Having worked closely with various local and state entities, Commercial Asphalt Group has found that the “full depth” asphalt repair provides not only a quality repair but a good value as well.

The damaged asphalt and sub-base is excavated and removed from the site.

The depth of the excavation should be determined by the type of traffic which is expected. For normal automobile traffic a 6” depth is adequate. Heavier traffic loads may be better served by a 8-12” system.

The perimeter of the area to be repaired is sawcut to provide a straight line. This line should extend at approximately 1 foot beyond the area of damaged pavement. The newly sawcut edge also provides a clean vertical face which facilitates a proper bond between the new and old asphalt.

The sub-base is compacted before the placing of the new asphalt. (Note: If the sub-base proves to be unstable, it may be necessary to excavate additional material to obtain a firm foundation). Prior to placing the new asphalt, an application of liquid asphalt emulsion (Tack) is applied to the “face” of the excavated area to ensure a proper bond between the new and old surface.

The new asphalt is then placed in the excavated area in (2) separate lifts. The first lift is a hot asphalt binder material, which provides strength and stability. After the binder layer of asphalt is leveled and compacted, the final course of asphalt is placed and compacted.

Once completed both the appearance and serviceability of the paved area should show a marked improvement.

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