Infrared Process

What Is An Infrared Ray?

Infrared patching, Naperville, IL According to Webster's New Dictionary infrared rays are: “rays of light that are just beyond red in the spectrum.” They cannot be seen but they produce heat deep inside an object. It is not the maximum amount of infrared rays produced with the minimum amount of heat being generated.

The Infrared Repair Process

Premix gas and air are delivered under pressure to energy converters; at which point the infrared rays are created. The materials used in the converters combined with specific engineering procedures generate the maximum amount of rays with minimum convection heat produced. The rays are then channeled to the desired location through a series of reflective panels. Producing heat deep within an object is the reason that allows deep penetration asphalt repair and re-claiming without causing burning, scaling or separation of the asphalt from the aggregate. Also, the Infrared process does not change the inherent characteristics of the asphalt.

Conventional Patching vs. Infrared Patching

Conventional Patching Infrared Patching
Cut out area to be repaired Not Required
Dig out old material Not Required
Load and haul away old material Not Required
Sweep away loose soil and/or standing water Same
  Position Infrared panels over area
  Allow Infrared to penetrate for 5 – 9 minutes depending on depth, season and aggregate
Prepare surface areas and apply tack coat to cold edges Not Required
Replace old material with new mix Add material, if necessary to meet grade
Lute (rake) to correct grade Same
Estimated Time for Process: 2 Hours Estimated Time for Process: 20 minutes

Applications for Infrared Usage

Utility Cuts Keyholes
Phone Lines Potholes
Birdbaths Cracked areas w/a solid base
Trenches Man hole covers
Underground cables Catch basins
Leveling seams in parking lots/roads Bridge and ramp work
Leveling frost heaves Airport Runways
Placing rings for resurfacing over manholes Building up road surfaces and drain gutters
Rework curbing, etc... Expansion Joints

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